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"Love Sarah" In Post Production

Now that we have wrapped production with our wonderful actress Celia Imrie already in the first months of the year, we’re finally in the post production phase of LOVE SARAH. Many people wonder what exactly needs to be done in post-production and to sum it up fitting the topic: It' s all about giving the cake the right glaze.

Of course, the most important things are still the ingredients, so the actors and all participants in the shooting (and we had a hell of a lot of good ones). But in the end it all depends on the post-production: The aesthetics, the sound and the music play an incredibly important role, especially in a movie… because that is definitely something that you can't taste.

So let's get on with it! Thanks to Oliver Achatz and to FunDeMental Sound Studio that we can finally get going - we can’t wait until the film is ready.


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